About US

M . Y . International Corp started providing one stop fine jewelry since 2004.

M . Y . International Corp is an International jewelry design company specializing in mold making product manufacturing,sales etc. Also we engage in fashion simulation pearl 、delicate jewelry accessory processing and full package solution service.

M . Y . International Corp accessories pay much attention in stylish design and product development , furthermore, in material selection、quality control etc. all adopt the highest standard as a basic principle, and use technology processes to manufacture top quality products to our esteemed customer.

Our effective management and global purchase power provided our esteemed customer has selective diversification, and quick response service plus affordable price make our customer have better competition than others to help for occupied markets. All those professional abilities earned a lot of good reputation from all parts of the world.

Your support and satisfaction are our utmost motivation to constantly progress and optimize, if you have any comment and suggestion please do not hesitate to let us know and feel free to contact us at any time, we may assure you always have our best attention.